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WK: I must say that I think you're doing a great job using vintage elements to create contemporary watches. The watches you create, especially the 160th Anniversary Sport Carrera and the 42mm Carrera show a sense of dynamic contrast. This is the kind of idea you have for future watches?

FA: I enjoy spending time at the archives and in museums. I also read blogs to learn more about brands. We are fortunate to have had great design periods, and it is important that we leverage them. This is a very important element for us. On 160 years of experience, we can count. This gives consumers confidence and trust. We've been in business for so long, we know they have codes we cherish, we believe in, and this makes our watches live through the time. This is our spirit -- to always make them modern, with a modern feel and techniques. We are very concerned with quality, whether it is the sapphire glasses or the movements.

WK: You've collaborated with Fujiwara, the founder of Fragment. This year you have created another cool Fragment timepiece. Tell us about these collaborations, and what Swiss Replica Watches gains from them.

FA: Definitely. To talk about Hiroshi Fujiwara we have a fantastic partnership with him. We've worked with him on the second watch. We created a first Carrera in 39mm, with a lot of innovation. We wanted to push the brand into new directions. We took inspiration from a Formula 1 watch case. This is the entry-level model, and it's usually quartz.Replica Watches

We thought: why not use our own in-house movement on this watch? We've never done it before. We also designed a brand new bracelet, [which] was Hiroshi’s idea. He came up with some ideas. We also had some ideas. It was more of a discussion. That's why I believe a great product is created. Hiroshi didn't say, "I want that." We have a different point of view. It was a real discussion between us and him that led to this product. We know what makes our brand great, and he knows what makes his great. He also knows what he can contribute.Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Replica We brought the strap, finishes and the case.

Hiroshi Fujwara is the founder of fashion label Fragment Design

It's actually from a Formula 1 case, but it reminds me of vintage Autavias. We had some ideas of adding specific indexes to the dial but collectively we thought that the entire dial printed was cool and new. This was a huge success in Japan, China and around the world.