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Carrera's round pushers are a great example of this. Although we had considered a different design for these pushers, we have always returned to the original design. The steel strap is also quite new. It's new. The new "H-shaped" design. Integration was also a major focus, and we worked hard to make sure it looked seamless.

Panerai Replica 42mm is available in four different variations, including the option of a stainless steel H-shaped bracelet or leather strap.

WK: Each and every detail, starting with the chamfer you mentioned, to the lugs, the pushers, the bracelet. The dial iconography is also very pure. I know it's difficult to create something that appears simple but has a strong sense of identity. Tell me about your creative process.

Thank you for the kind words about this watch. My clients loved it and we passed on the journalist's comments, like Jeff Stein mentioned by you, to the great collectors of the brands.Panerai Replica I was there from the start, first defining goals. It was to bring back a classic Carrera look with our modern, in-house-manufactured movements with an ever-improving quality and perceived quality.

Panerai Replica Carrera Sport Chronograph 42m in green dial with a steel bezel that has its tachometer directly etched on the surface.

This is the tri-compax, or as we like to call it. All these topics were discussed one by one. What should we do in the first place? How can we remember the codes from history?IWC Portofino Replica This is when we came up with the idea for this chamfer, which was not possible 60 years ago. It's a brand new technique that allows you to achieve it without compromising the quality of the watch. On the dial there were many discussions about the placement of the indexes and the finish on the counters. The idea wasn't to evolve but to create something new and fresh.

The tri-compax at 3,6, and 9 o’clock positions indicates minutes, running second and chronograph hour.

WK: Let’s talk about the Carrera Sport Chronograph 160 Year Special Edition watch that was just released a few weeks ago. It's also a fantastic watch. I love the way you took one particular element, the date, and changed the position of it, making it red. It completely changes the look of this watch.