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WK: Let’s talk about your Omega Replica vertical column-wheel clutch, which is an amazing chronograph movement. You also used it this year to create two interesting Carrera Chronographs, one in 42mm and one 44mm. When I first thought about these watches I thought they were quite similar. They even seemed to be in the same category. When I took a closer look, I realized that the 44mm is more sporty, more durable, and more aggressive. The 42mm is also more elegant. Did you have this in mind when creating these two offers? Do you find them complementary?

Omega Replica, Automatic, shown here with a black dial on a stainless steel H-shaped band

FA: You have summed up very well what we wanted to achieve with this launch. We wanted to remember the best models launched throughout history. When you look at our first models, they were a chronograph that had a thin bezel and a tri-compax dial. This is the first time we have brought it back on a classic dial. We already had the Omega Replica, with its skeleton dial. But this is the first Carrera with a classic dial.

On the Sporty, we would like to bring up one of the most popular SKUs and models launched in 2004. It was actually the first time an external tachymeter appeared on the Carrera.Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches The first dials had internal tachymeters, but not the first ones. They were actually without them. Later, there were some internal ones, and then in 2004, we first saw an external one. It became a Carrera icon.

The watch that we [remember] is Calibre 16 a black timepiece. It was nicknamed the "Brad Pitt watch" by collectors, as Brad Pitt was at the time the ambassador for Omega Replica. It was a huge success. We wanted to bring these two flavours and tastes into the Carrera. One is more elegant and the other has an external tachymeter. Both models have many changes, but there are also some similarities.