Transformation of Trauma Groups

8 February 2016


Transformation of Trauma


In tandem with Prof. Mike Cowan’s workshop days among us, Mary Grant will offer another of her “Transformation of Trauma” gatherings, using the psycho-education aspect of Bowen theory which she has developed. This supports people in developing their own differentiation and mutuality agenda, and can be very useful after a period of intense one-to-one work.


Workshop participants can audit these gatherings by participation in the light of their own life experience. What is accomplished is not group therapy: rather it follows the notion of “private work" accomplished in a group. This can be particularly useful for therapists  and leaders who have some educational background in these areas, but who have not had as much “own life” experiential background.


Support and guidance is offered in developing one’s family tree, in searching one’s roots, in understanding the power of triangles of all types, of fusion, of “living for others” – the impact that loss based systems have on our capacity for mutuality.  For instance, we use Progoff ideas of writing in one’s life, to aid reflection. 


We invite expressions involving art, visualization in imaging our family, relational, experience. We develop self-care, mindful, wellness responses to the difficulties experienced in passing from loss based experience to belonging based living. Dance, music, song, can lighten the intensity of discussion as appropriate, depending on the workshop participants, and the gifts inherent in the group. Mindfullness / Yoga practices will help support the inner and outer work.  However, we need to be able to place this key learning solidly within our current understanding of “where I am now in my life”.......


We explore indigenous earth connections, a way of re-finding spiritual experience           not hampered by “legalities”. For example, some expressions of the “preparedness”        for Mike’s workshop engendered by people who participated in various lead-in events..  This is accomplished within the framework of finding, and taking responsibility for, the self, moving to the capacity for mutuality.     



Note:  Issues of Trauma Transformation:  (e.g. Complex PTSD, legacy of troubles, institutional abuse), circling round responsibility for the self, working in teams,          strategic planning re the whole person, are particularly pertinent to the systems      approach, playing a vital part in traumatology and wellness models for survival and recovery.  This is particularly pertinent for counsellors and others working within the confines of the current skeleton services being offered to people who have serious life issues to contend with.


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