Bystander Intervention Training Nexus NI

22 July 2019

Date: 22nd July 2019

Time: 10am-12pm

Location: PIPS Hope and Support

50 Mill Street BT34 1AG


Developed with expertise gained over more than 30 years of working directly with survivors of CSA and sexual violence, this workshop will cover training on effective interventions in everyday situations, as well as followup action and reporting responsibilities.


The training uses scenario-based discussion to develop participants’ understanding of the bystander effect, explore their reactions to various situations, and discuss strategies for safe intervention. It also looks at actions to take following intervention, such as signposting and risk management, as well as tips and advice on safe intervention techniques. This training is most relevant for people out in the community, as well as useful for everyday life.


AIMS 1. Improve understanding of the Bystander Effect and how it affects individual action

2. Identify strategies for safe intervention

3. Explore steps to take after you have intervened in a situation

4. Identify sources of support and advice for intervention and further learning

5. EMPOWER you to take action


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