Handling Disclosure of Sexual Abuse Nexus NI

25 June 2019

Date: 25th June 2019

Time: 10am-1pm

Location: PIPS Hope and Support 

50 Mill Street BT34 1AG


Developed with expertise gained over more than 30 years of working directly with survivors of CSA and sexual violence, this workshop will cover training on handling disclosures of sexual abuse and the impact sexual violence has on survivors.


The training will enable participants to identify and discuss triggers to disclosure, fear responses, appropriate language to use when talking to victims of sexual violence, and strategies to help prevent or reduce the chance of retraumatisation. It also looks at the legalities and responsibilities of reporting and onward disclosure. Included also is coping with compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, as well as self-care for participants.


1. Improve participants’ understanding of appropriate handling of disclosure of sexual abuse

2. Increase awareness of the laws and procedures on safeguarding and reporting of abuse

3. Provide information on services and agencies that deal with sexual abuse

4. Empower participants to feel more confident in handling disclosure

5. Improve participants’ understanding of retraumatisation, and how to avoid retraumatising victims/survivors of sexual violence


For further information, please contact Sarah on 02830266195 or sarah@pipshopeandsupport.org


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