AMH EveryBODY Eating Disorder Workshop

26 June 2019


Date: 26th June 2019

Time: 9.30am-11.30am

Location: PIPS Hope and Support

50 Mill Street, BT34 1AG


BodyTalk is an interactive workshop that aims to raise awareness and understanding of eating disorders, whilst looking at body image concerns in today’s society.

This workshop covers topics of -

           Eating Disorders - the signs and symptoms/ myths and misconceptions/ causes and prevention and where to go for support

           Body Image concerns amongst young people - the role of media with fitness/beauty and diet industry/ how to be aware of dangers and challenge harmful body ideals.

           How health is about balanced variety of nutrition, a positive mind-set and self-care, and movement for enjoyment.

           Building a body positive image through self-supporting skills of resilience and confidence building. Pupils will learn that self-worth starts from within and the importance of recognising strengths and achievements above weight or image.

These workshops include a few clips from the Dove Self Esteem campaign, along with an interactive self-esteem group building activities that offer plenty of opportunity for group discussions.

This workshop is suitable for age 11+

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