Child Sexual Abuse - Raising Awareness & Understanding

30 September 2016

This one day workshop is suitable for a wide range of professionals and volunteers; anyone who might come into contact with survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA), or sexual violence, through their work or voluntary activities. This could include teachers, nurses, health and social care workers, police and criminal  justice system workers, therapists, managers, counsellors, students, youth, community or church group workers, foster parents, carers or many others.

The workshop has been developed using expertise gathered over more than 30 years’ of working directly with survivors of CSA and rape; it offers participants valuable insights into the experiences of a person who has been abused, and a better understanding of how abuse happens and who the abusers are. It will help participants know where to begin when supporting people suffering from the impact of CSA and sexual violence.


This training aims to provide participants with an overview of CSA and sexual violence, and evidences the long-term impact these traumatic events have on survivors. It will help participants understand the barriers that exist to disclosure and how they can support and manage this sensitively in their professional or voluntary roles.

The workshop will provide a safe space to discuss and explore reactions to, and fears about, a very challenging subject, and to dispel some of the myths that surround it. By the end of the workshop participants will feel better equipped to support survivors in their work, help signpost them to support agencies, and manage their own self-care.


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