Crisis Intervention

We provide responsive care to those in need, and accompany distressed individuals to hospital for psychiatric assessment and attending crisis home visits when required.

Signposting / Linking

If other services have been identified as a need we endeavour to not only signpost but we also link families and individuals to the relevant service provider using the multiagency approach of the Protect Life Suicide Strategy for Northern Ireland

PIPS Newry & Mourne understands that suicide is everyone's business

Information / education awareness

We deliver information / education awareness workshops, presentations and talks and provide training to raise awareness of suicide and self-harm in schools, youth clubs, local communities, drop in Centres, Health Centres, etc.

Raise Awareness

PIPS Newry & Mourne also encourages help seeking activities by raising awareness of the issues around suicide and self-harm by holding Seminars, Christmas Services. Balloon launches, We are funded as a Protect Life Resource Centre under the auspices of the Protect Life ( A Shared Vision) Suicide Strategy for Northern Ireland and have numerous resources available in our premises including booklets ranging from Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic, Sleep Problems and many more.