PIPS offers and provides

Community Presentations
PIPS Newry & Mourne offers professional speakers for suicide prevention conferences, workshops and as keynote addresses. We can help plan and facilitate community-based presentations that inform parents, students, congregations and other groups about suicide and prevention. PIPS Newry & Mourne has trained volunteers available to appear at Youth Clubs ,schools, churches & community groups.

Bereavement Support
PIPS Newry & Mourne is able to provide training and presentations that instruct and inform on bereavement in the aftermath of a loss to suicide in a community. In addition to public and professional presentations, PIPS Newry & Mourne also offers counselling, befriending, complementary therapies & bereavement materials and other postvention services.

Drop-in, Protect Life Resource Centre to provide information, to encourage people to seek help advice and support, to create greater awareness and reduce the stigma associated with suicide and self-harm.

Training, At PIPS Newry & Mourne we believe that community resilience and awareness is one of the most effective means of tackling suicide and in pointing those within our community towards appropriate help and support.

We run throughout the year a series of really useful courses tailored for individuals, community organisations, companies and statutory agencies and education institutes, the aim of which is to develop resilience and understanding of tell tale signs of people within their community who may be at risk.

The range of training we provide is :

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) -2 day intensive suicide intervention training
  • SafeTALK Training- 3 Hour Suicide Awareness Training
  • Suicide Safer Community workshop (Concerned about Suicide)
  • B Positive, 3 part module workshop on Mental Health
  • Self Harm Training- 2 Hour awareness training

People or groups who are interested in any of this training can contact us at PIPS Newry & Mourne via email or by calling and we will endeavor to book a place for you. Early booking is vital as there is a high demand for all of the courses.

Signposting & linking those within our community that are deemed vulnerable to professional community services within the Newry & Mourne area.

Partnership working with Trusts, schools, GPS, youth workers and other stakeholders to reduce the impact of suicide on our community and improve the services available to those affected by suicide, self-harm and mental illness and encourage community inclusion.