Newry Fire Cadets donate to PIPS Newry & Mourne

Newry Fire Cadets kindly choose PIPS Newry & Mourne as their nominated charity 

Here we see Newry first, second and third year fire cadets showing off their skills on the parade ground at their open day.

First year cadets exhibited their expertise by attending to a fire and setting up a number of hoses directed at the blaze, followed by an efficient wrapping up of operations and the retrieval and storeing of their equipment. Second year students attended to a larger blaze and this involved setting up a remote hose and establishing a wall of water which protected themselves from the intense heat generated by the blaze as they retrieved a casualty from the vicinity of the fire. Third year students attended to a serious road accident involving two vehicles in which the drivers were trapped. They efficiently set up the relevant equipment including power supply and they expertly used cutting equipment to extricate the victims from the damaged vehicles. All in all an excellent display of skills.