The Wax Factor in Lisburns Lagan Valley Leisureplex


The Wax Factor

There were laughs aplenty at Lisburns Lagan Valley Leisureplex on Wednesday 30th March

It was the night of the charity wax!! For PIPS Newry & Mourne & Cancer Research and it was a brilliant success, everybody had great fun and lots of  laughs, and almost a  few tears from some of the boys!

On the big day of the waxing, cameras were available to record all their brave efforts.

Health and safety was followed at all times; to make sure that the girls didn't inflict too much pain on the lads.

Lynsey Jess one of the organisers states ''It was an hour and a half of screams and yelps (and laughter from those not getting their legs waxed) a great evenings craic

The money raised will be shared between PIPS Newry & Mourne & Cancer Research