The Quilt of Hope

Ladies Gateway Club Shine a Light on Hope and Support


17 April 2018


Through using bits and pieces within their own homes, Newry Gateway Ladies Club have produced a beautiful patchwork quilt representing darkness into light with the message that help, hope and support is always there for all of us, and sometimes from the most unlikely places. 


Breege Shaw from Newry Gateway Ladies Club said ‘We could have gone out and bought material specially for the quilt, but instead we decided to see what was already available within our own daily lives.  We looked at home and brought in what we had.  What we had turned out to be an array of all sorts of materials and bits and pieces, some dark and others light.  Some looked insignificant on their own while others stood out.  When brought together they brought the potential for a tapestry, a quilt of patchwork and of beauty representing that we have around us is often all that we need, we just need to look.


The quilt represents our lives. We may not see hope and support – but it is there. 

The quilt represents HOPE – the moving from darkness into light”. 


Seamus McCabe from PIPS Hope and Support said – “We are delighted to be presented with this beautiful patchwork quilt - ‘The Quilt of Hope’.  The Quilt represents a very important message that, through ourselves and others, our dark days can take us to a place of hope, light and support and that there is always help, though it is often from the most unlikely places. 


We want to take this opportunity to thank Newry Gateway Ladies Club for their support and for this beautiful donation.  The Quilt will be raffled with all proceeds going to PIPS Hope and Support.  Funds raised will help strengthen our much needed services and support within our local community”. 


About  PIPS Hope and Support (Formerly PIPS Newry and Moure)

Since the inception of PIPS our focus has evolved in response to community needs and has become a one-stop shop and Protect Life Resource Centre for information and compassionate assistance for those in crisis. Within our services we offer a “Drop in” centre to provide facilities for listening, counselling, therapy and training. Calling the office is often the first step an individual makes to access the services available. We are here for anyone facing crisis and personal turmoil. We provide comprehensive crisis services that are efficient, accessible, responsive, and fully integrated into the community.

Our history and growth from an all-volunteer, small grassroots group of passionate survivors led us to what is one of today's successful not-for-profit organisations with staff dedicated to prevent suicide and self harm.  Our work is based on the foundation and belief that suicide should no longer be considered a hidden or taboo topic, and that through raising awareness and educating the public, we can SAVE lives.

We develop volunteers to provide assistance for those concerned about suicide and self-harm. We carry out “home-visits” to affected households within our community. PIPS volunteers have made a remarkable impact in the area of “taking immediate action”, suicide awareness, prevention, counselling and complimentary therapies.


PIPS receives little public funding, it depends on voluntary donations, hence the need for fundraising.

PIPS Newry and Mourne are also represented on Northern Ireland Suicide Prevention Strategy - Protect Life (A Shared Vision) Implementation Body and a number of subgroups that feed into the NI Suicide Prevention Strategy including the Protect Life Implementation Group for the Southern Health and Social Care Trust Area.



For advice, help and support or for more details on PIPS Hope and Support please contact:


Seamus McCabe

PIPS Hope & Support

50 Mill Street, Newry BT34 1EG


T:   028 302 66195